July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony Found - Not Guilty

The Verdict is in She’s Not Guilty so says they -  

Being caught up in all the drama and interested in the process of the law and the brilliance of the prosecution, who perhaps over estimated the intelligence of the jury, please explain the importance of testing at Oak Ridge Lab. 

I am heart sick that justice in my opinion and many others did not prevail.


Not only OJ’s trial as many have pointed out but for me closer to home, my cousins daughter was killed in the Florida Pizza Hut Murders here in Brandon Florida in the 90’s where her husband was arrested for the crime. After he was found not guilty, he had the nerve to give advice to OJ in the paper and when he was awarded $1,000,000 in a law suit against Pizza Hut, they had a photo of him holding the money with a big grin on a front page of our local newspaper, shameful. In one of those soap opera coincidences my daughter was friends with the daughter of the lawyer who defended him, I bet he got a good cut of the win.

So to me and many others the circumstantial evidence does add up and we fear this could happen again as sociopaths often do it again, I hope I am wrong about that one.

As far as justice for Caylee, she is in heaven with Jesus, with God, she does not need our kind of justice. We as a society do, we lost Caylee and all she could have contributed with her life, just like I lost my sweet cousin, mother of 3, who I babysat when she was about Caylee’s age and whom I loved. 

I hope this Casey takes her life and does something good with it, in the name of her daughter. I fear she will not, if she is truly a pathological liar, she will not learn from this or learn the right lessons, only that she can get away with murder. 

My heart is broken but you and I will survive, perhaps loving more and honoring each other. 

Peace be with you, 
Aleada Siragusa

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