March 22, 2012

How To Embed A Copyright;; Protecting Your Work From Piracy

One of my pet peeve's is people stealing other people's art on the internet and using it for their own profit. I know many artists prevent this by posting very small images. I would rather embed a copyright and my web address on my image. I see that many galleries also do this.

Consider Deviant Art, a Chinese company pulled a bunch of their artist’s images and are selling them as prints and there is nothing anyone can do about this because they do not agree to honor USA or European copyright laws. Other individuals and groups are stealing art also. It's our responsibility to protect ourselves. It is hard enough to make money in the field; do we also have to give our art away to anyone who wants to steal?

How to embed your copyright and website address on Photoshop:

I bold faced the Photoshop files you will use to do this process.
To write my text I just bring up new from file decided on size and printed the word copyright from text in a fat but simple text. I saved this file to use anytime. I also did the same with my website address. Later when I need a smaller text size I just go into images and change the size, but I don't save it so it will always be the original size. Below is my method for embedding the text.

 Drag the copyright to your art and find a good place to put it, one that cannot be easily cut and pasted out but will not hopefully be too distracting. You may lighten the copyright mark to a lighter watermark before you embed by clicking on opacity and lightening the copyright mark before merging the levels.  Do not make it too light or put it anywhere that would be easy to cut and paste your marks out. Put the mark on something relevant to the art, not a bare corner and lighten it just a bit. I like to leave my website address dark and in that bare corner.

Now go to windows and pull up layers. On the top right hand side you will find double > > right click on this and it will say merge layers, do it and your art is now embedded with your copyright and web address and it can't be pulled apart. Be sure to save a copy of the picture without the embedded mark because you cannot undo this.

You also can do a search to find more information on placing copyright on photos.

Aleada Siragusa

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