December 14, 2017

Artists Palette Tables, Studio Taboret, & New Birdbath in the Garden

First of all Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!
Check out the Palette Table my husband made for me this

My New Palette Table has a  12"  X 36"
  tempered glass mixing area

My new palette table made of hard wood left over from the library Guy built over this spring and summer.

 I will publish a blog on the library he built after the Holidays. We were waiting to cast the library lion I sculpted and some other heads to decorate the library. We were almost finished but it looks like we need to order more latex. Using latex for making molds is new to us; we are used to making molds from silicone but we think latex rubber may be useful for making an occasional sculpture.

I bought a table with a glass top from IKEA last year and it worked out pretty good for a palette table. I like having my palette right
 in front of me because moving my neck to the side to work after a few hours can put a strain on neck and had causes me pain.

 The IKEA palette table has a narrow 12” X 20” glass top  which  fits nicely in front of my easel. But the table was made to slip under a couch or chair and the extended feet on the bottom were a problem for me when I wanted to pull it away to adjust my easel up or down because my computer table is near on one side and another table on the other side.

IKEA sofa table makes a great artists table palette

So telling the problems I had with the pallet table to Guy, my woodworking husband started figuring out what I really needed. I told him I would like more room to mix my paint. So we figured a 12”X 36” would be large enough and tempered glass on a well built table frame would be strong enough. Last week he finished building and painting the table a neutral gray and placed it in front of my easel. There is enough room for my legs and the table clears the crank on my easel which raises and lowers by cables. The legs are straight so I just need to slide the table straight out if I  move it.

 I will still have use for the IKEA Pallet in another part of my studio near another easel .

I also purchased a studio taboret from IKEA and I am very pleased with it. If you know the prices of studio taborets from art supply stores you will know this one is a huge bargain. It is called a Raskog IKEA utility cart and it sells for $24.99. This cart is a good size for all my oil paints and several other items. The center cart height is adjustable. The cart has very good wheels and rolls and pivots nicely over the tile and onto the carpet when I move it to our spare north bedroom. We keep this rooms vents closed and close the door in the winter so it gets cold in there which keeps the paints from drying out. I bought my Raskog Utility Cart in red but it comes in an off white cream color and perhaps other colors now.

Raskog Utility Cart makes a great Artists Taboret
Size : L 13 3/4 x  W 17 3/4 x H 30 3/4 "

Here is an update on my last post Gardening in Southwest New Mexico.

We bought a backyard Community pool for the neighborhood
 birds from Silver City ReStore which supports Habitat for Humanity. The pool is a big hit with the birds and they visit several times a day, particularly in the morning, all at once to wash and drink and then fly away. Now that the birdbaths are freezing in the morning so when Guy gets up he puts hot water in the birdbaths to thaw the ice. We are enjoying having so many birds visit our yard and the birds in our yard will make great subjects for many paintings and drawings.

For many years in Florida I had a large aviary with small birds in it; which of course Guy built for me. I liked to spend time with the birds and I did many sketches while visiting with them after tending to their needs. Sketching from life keeps an artist quick and makes one observe the essence of the subject. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season
 and enjoy and keep warm the rest of the winter, Aleada