June 26, 2011

Our Oriental Pond Garden

Our Oriental Garden Oil on Canvas  14inX11in

Our Oriental Pond Garden

Our Oriental Garden was created by painting outside from life. This style of painting is also known as plein air painting. The focal point in the painting is the Oriental statue of Quan Yin, who is holding a jar in which the healing love of compassion flows out upon the world. I studied Oriental Painting and used these brush strokes in this picture to define the leaves, which were individually evident because this is a closer range landscape. The garden faces our kitchen window so we have observed many birds and some other animals enjoying a drink here.

Below are two preliminary watercolor paintings I created before I did the oil painting. 

 I will discuss Oriental brush techniques and other techniques I have studied as I share my art and thoughts in this Blog. I taught this style of painting and western painting for many years. Please look up my website; biography for more information.

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