January 17, 2012

Heaven, I'm In Heaven

Guy’s Mother passed away in the spring of 2010 She was healthy until about a month before she died at the age of 95. We just sold the house and were packing this weekend the last of her things.

I want to share this personal account:

Guy got his Mom’s stereo to work, it's a lovely old piece of furniture with a great sound. He got the record part to work and was saying to himself, “I wish I got this to work when you were alive Mom but I hope you are in Heaven listening”, then he randomly took the needle and put it on this old Frank Sinatra record and he heard Frank sing, "Heaven, I'm in Heaven".
Later he found out it was from a song, Dancing Cheek To Cheek.

I found one life drawing I did on her when she was alive and healthy, I believe she was reading at the time. She always was always in perpetual motion and had a figure like a girl most of her life.

 I have also included here are some sketches I did of  my husband Guy and one large pastel painting incidentally these were also created from life, not using a photograph.

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