March 27, 2012

More plein air art from the Mother Daughter Paintout team, Aleada and Leela Siragusa

As I said before we are the Joan and Melissa Rivers of Plein Air Paintout. Please allow me to expand on this, if you will. As a famous comedian, Joan is mainly known for is her wit, her humor and she is now also known for her great relationship with her daughter which leads to many good stories and fun as they work together. Leela and I have a banter among ourselves along with her father, my husband, Guy.  I treasure the time we have to paint together with so many laughs along the way.

So here is the second edition of the Mother Daughter Paintout, which takes place in areas around St Petersburg Florida.

 Palm tree grouping, Aleada

 Here we are on location at Fort De Soto Park at a southern area of Pinellas County. I have painted here several times before and you can see these photographs and learn more about the park in my Gallery and my Links page.
This is Leela's watercolor  looking out on the water from the picnic area.

Above is a small watercolor I painted looking out at the bridge at John's pass.

Above is a a pen and ink Leela drew looking from under the bridge.

Not far from where we live is the Veterans Memorial Park where I have also painted and drawn many times. I drew and painted the view above while on a walk with my dog and Leela's cat. again you can see more paintings done here in my Gallery.

Leela drew this energetic picture at one of the picnic area's in the park. I like the expressive movement in the foliage and that she left it "unfinished", it reminds me of a Van Gogh sketch.

I painted this small watercolor overlooking the inlet towards Madeira Beach at the same picnic table.

 The watercolor above was done at Saw Grass Lake Park, it was still winter so the spring greens were not budding out on the trees yet.
Here is another pen and ink Leela drew in the same location near the water, note the egret sitting on the tree branch.
Leela also drew this lovely windswept palm tree while we were out.

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