August 14, 2016

The Artist as a Clown Part 1: Mother Daughter Artists; Aleada and Leela Siragusa, Perform as Clowns

Before I met Leela’s father Guy; I was a clown

Yes I was a clown before I met Guy, my husband
 and Leela's father
 Parade at a Clearwater Beach sponsered by the 
Pinellas County Arts Council
Boo Ehrsam artist organized the 

parade in 1982 in connection with their spring 
Art Surge Festivals

This award winning Mermaid 
soft sculpture
 by Boo E
hrsam was the queen of the parade.
 Learn more about this prolific artist in links below.
Here I am, a  clown participant and photographer.

After marriage to Gaetano "Guy" Siragusa
 I gave birth to a baby clown.

Leela at 15 months started her clown career

Leela trying on lips and a hat
 for a future performance

As Leela grew we had more adventures in clowning

Christmas Clowns with Dad

When Leela was nine years old we studied clowning at the wonderful and zany Clown Alley in St Petersburg Florida sponsored by All Children's Hospital.
Our stage name were, Sunny Pete and Bonny.

Proud Graduates of Clown Alley

Parade before the performance at the Thunder Dome

We performed at Al Lang Field

Checking out the bands that came from all over
 the United States
performing at Festival of the States in St Petersburg 1994

Here Leela and I are performing the act we created
 with the help of kind teachers at Clown Alley
Yep that's us performing
In the evening we celebrated


The Artist as a Clown is a 4 part Series

The Artist as a Clown Part 1:

 Mother Daughter Artists; Aleada and Leela Siragusa, Perform as Clowns

 Dave Ryan at Clown Alley Orlando Florida

The Noell's from Vaudeville to The Suncoast Primate Sanctuary

The Artist As A Clown Part 4: 

Clowns in Art History

Boo Ehrsam Links:

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