August 14, 2016

The Artist as a Clown Part 2: Dave Ryan at Clown Alley Orlando Florida

Congratulations and salutations to Dave Ryan, our good friend, on his graduation from the prestigious school of clowning, “Clown Alley” in Orlando Florida.

Dave was my daughter’s best friend through middle school and high school. So I had the privilege of along with Leela, watching him growing up in those very formative years.

Dave's little brother Nathan and Leela

Dave and Leela at Boca Ciega High School
where Leela played a prohibitionist in a production of Deadwood Dick

Leela and Dave were always very involved with theater, especially comedy and graphic art. You could say those two were Born to the Arts.

Dave's brother Adam with their Mother, Eileen Ryan.
Adam by the way is currently in Beijing China teaching theater.

As an artist Dave wears many different hats, oh aside from the formidable collection of clown paraphernalia. Dave’s professional resume includes, face painting and puppetry, where he not only performs but makes the puppets and he writes his own skits. He has worked for most of the large theme parks in Orlando including Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World.

He makes his own skits

Creates his own puppets

He is also a professional face painter who has worked at
major theme parks in Orlando Florida

So as one artist to another and also one clown to another, my hats go off to you and I say, "nicely done and I am so proud to know you".

"A clown is poet in action", Henry Miller

The Artist as a Clown is a 4 Part Series

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