August 14, 2016

The Artist As A Clown Part 4: Clowns in Art History

A Clown by George Luks 1929
Boston Museum of Art

The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown 
edited by Jean Clair sold in connection 
with an Exhibition organized by Pierre Theberge

Being an artist clown I was excited to find and buy the book: {The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown edited by Jean Clair sold in connection with an Exhibition organized by Pierre Theberge} Yale University Press, New Haven and London in association with the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa 2004. The selected clown art was researched from this book. Footnotes to access more information on these paintings are posted below this article. Front Cover of Book copies of the book may be hard to find; search on Google or Amazon.

Crispin and Scapin by Honore Daumier

1863-1865 Daumier produced his social 
caricatures for Le Charivari
in which he held bourgeois society up to ridicule 

Clown Making Up by John Sloan 1910

Showing the clown as an artist painting his face.

Pierrot Grimacing by Gustave Dore 

1832-1883 Possibly a self protrait by Dore
Watercolor and white gouache over pencil lines

The Clowns by Gutierres Salona 1920

Erie and grotesque images place
 his art in a Spanish Baroque style

The Intrigue by James Ensor 1911

 inspired by masks of the Mardi Gras
Ensor is an expressionist painter,  oil on canvas

Pip and Flip by Reginold Marsh 1930
Social Realist Painter of New York's 
colorful characters,
 this image from Coney Island 
was a favorite haunt of the artist

Soir Bleu by Edward Hopper 1914
Hopper is an American original. 
The Whitney Museum in has an 

extensive collection of his work.

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The Artist As A Clown Part 4: 

Clowns in Art History

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Excellent image of the painting, A Clown” by Luks from the Boston Museum of Fine Art with commentary by Janet Comey. This image is the image which was chosen for the cover of “The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown,” exhibition catalog.

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