November 2, 2011

Mega Con: Drawings and Watercolors

Each spring the most beautiful and interesting people and life forms from this universe and beyond, gather to celebrate at Mega Con, Orlando Florida. 

Mega Con is a big costume party mainly for adults. There are comic book artists, all sorts of interesting things to buy, and celebrities and seminars. I saw Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek fame last year, and this year Stan Lee of Marvel; a comic book legend.

I have posted a several art pieces I did from Mega Con: I will be posting more at a future date, so please visit again.
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The 4 drawings below were all done at home from photographs I took at Mega Con.

Pen & Ink; Watercolor Journal is the  sketchbook I used. I like the texture of the pages (8x5.5 inch landscape) 

Below are watercolor paintings done on Canson Montval, cold press paper 9"x12".

Leela as Pokemon with Teen Rocket  by Aleada Siragusa
Below are quick pencil sketches done from life while at the festival.

Below are sequential scans of a painting in progress.
Painted on Canson Montval, cold press paper 9"x12"