March 17, 2015

Trees With Faces & Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Aleada Aine age 27

This is a photograph of me holding my blackthorn walking stick from my paternal Irish grandfather. St Patrick's Day has always been important to me, especially because it is part of my heritage.

Face Tree In the Gila Forest

Recently while hiking in the Gila National Forest I came upon this face in the tree, actually there are two faces in the tree. I tried showing it to Guy but each time I walked to the tree, it disappeared. So I memorized just where it was to walk up and show it to Guy. It was only visible for a short time because the light was hitting just right.

I also took several photos of the tree and when I came home I did a drawing of it, just for fun.

Weirwood tree

This tree face reminded me of the Weirwood tree or Heart Tree from the popular  Fantasy Book and TV Series; Game of Thrones. These trees often had a face carved by the Children of the Forest in its trunk, and is the center of the religion Old Gods of the Forest Religion. I am listening to the audio version of the book sometimes while I paint and also while I fall asleep.

Bev Doolittle is I believe, the most famous artist painting the hidden patterns in nature which contain images. I thought I would share this artist with some of the younger folks who read this blog and who may not have had the opportunity know her art.

I read some time ago Leonardo De Vinci told artists he was inspired by images he found in wood grain patterns and other natural forms and he advised them to look at these shapes for inspiration. I see faces and all sorts of things in flooring also. I enjoy collecting rocks, pebbles and small bits of wood with faces in them.