July 11, 2011

Carlsbad Cavern - Protect It

In July 2010 we went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I have always wanted to visit these caves as a child, being a dedicated Rock Hound I was mesmerized by these limestone wonders. 

 These are greater to me than the Cathedrals’ in Europe, being natural and God made and thankfully, so well preserved. They just may be the most beautiful and greatest limestone caves in the world, the main cavern is 8 football fields of majesty.

While there as I lagged behind my family to take photos, this man near me started to pound on the wall and tried to jump up and grab the famous stalactites, he made fun of the name, the lion's tail. I told him to stop and his wife told me the cavern was theirs and they could do what they liked with it. So I said, "it does not, it was made by God for us all and when you touch the walls you desecrate something sacred."

Oh great, I was alone and they both were way bigger than I am and they started to shadow me as I walked and say nasty things to me in a harassing way. I walked very fast then I took a turn on a side path with a bench and started to draw. One of the park guides came over to see what I was doing and I told her what had transpired and what they looked like.

One beautiful cavern in Sonora Texas was famous for its natural Butterfly formation, one of the wings was torn off in 2006; was it these people or people who think like this who vandalized this natural feature enjoyed by so many? Why are people so ignorant and nasty? God save us all from so much stupidity.

These Drawings above were drawn in the Main Cave using an extra black pencil by M Grumbacher Bohemia Works :8911/6B woodless pencil to get the rich dark blacks on a spiral bound sketchbook   7” X 5"

The picture above was drawn using Carb Othello Stabilo  Chalk-Pastel Pencils, on Cachet by Daler Rowney Spiral Sketchbook  7” X 5” paper

The Natural Cave Entrance

The final picture was drawn late in the day while we waited for the sun to set so the nearly 400,000 Mexican free tail bats would emerge. In this drawing the cave swallows, perhaps the largest colony of these birds in the northern hemisphere were flying in the entrance catching insects before it got dark.

Drawn with black pencil by M Grumbacher Bohemia Works :8911/6B woodless pencil to get the rich dark blacks on a spiral bound sketchbook   7” X 5


  1. Hi Aleada,

    These drawings are beautiful, but the experience you had in that cave with the thoughtless, selfish people who think they own the world and can spoil its beauty must have been infuriating. I'm glad you had the courage to stand up to them. I don't think I would have had the guts to do that!

    Wonderful drawings! :)

  2. Good for you, Aleada!!

    Lovely drawings, but as thecozyred says, we are glad that you showed courage to confront those vandals.
    People like that can do so much damage and feel entitled to do so, then walk away and feel pleased with themselves about their adventures but never want to take responsibility for what they have done. And Carlsbad is so special. I hate to think of people damaging it. I was so enchanted by it when I went there.