May 2, 2012

Sunset Reflections:: Organ Mountains; Las Cruces, New Mexico

 Oil on Canvas on Birch Plywood Board 12"X16"

I painted this is on a high ridge overlooking the Las Cruces, Organ Mountains. While I was painting it a Vietnam Veteran came by and started talking.  He told me how he recently lost his wife whom he had met in Vietnam while serving over there.  He was headed out west to live in his RV near one of his daughters. We talked about how beautiful the drive west on I-10 is. And he told me how he had planned to take this trip with his wife and now he not only had a bad heart but was grieving the recent and unexpected loss of his wife. He talked about his love for her, his family, and Vietnam.  We then fell silent; two strangers come together, the artist and the soldier, both elders with many years and miles behind us, on our journey to the West, brought together now in silent revere by this majestic setting sun over the Organ Mountains.

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  1. Great story and beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing.