February 24, 2019

Fredericksburg Texas

Fredericksburg was on our travel to do list because I heard it has a thriving art gallery scene. I researched the city and decided to make Insight Gallery first on our list to see for the few hours my husband and I had set aside that day on our cross country trek West on Highway I-10.

We scheduled our stop to coincide with the opening of Insight Gallery on a windy and cold Saturday morning in January. I was very excited to see many world and nationally famous artists whose work I was already familiar with and I admire. The venue I am interested in is the one which I also paint in, broadly speaking that is representational art, primarily nature.

Stunning large paintings had me in awe in this well appointed Gallery which was artfully redesigned from a grain business. Mage Boudreau, an Insight Gallery representative took time to discuss the artists and their work with me. Madge Boudreau was very knowledgeable and gave me some interesting background information on the artists and their paintings.

 There is nothing like seeing art in person, because you can see the hand of the artist more than you can from a photograph. I first take the time to allow my emotions respond to the art. But being an artist myself looking at another artists work is a very informative experience as I can analyze how and why the artist creates that particular work of art. In other words, I learn something valuable, along with the delight my senses feel towards remarkable beauty.

R.S. Hanna Gallery

After Leaving Insight Gallery we walked West down Main Street Artisans ~ A Texas Gallery, A Texas Hill Country Gallery with local lovely art and craft and then to R.S. Hanna Gallery also representing masters of representational art.

Another lovely store on a cold and windy day,
note how cold the couple looks while they cross the street baring up against the wind

The Church Spire Beckoned Us

Approaching the Church complex
from the rear we saw there were two churches and noted 
the size differences 

You can read the historic information about 
St Mary's Catholic Church on this plaque.

St Mary's Catholic Sanctuary Built in 1863

St Mary's Sanctuary Alter
We spent time praying in the church before we proceeded to the newer church.

St Mary's Catholic Church was built in 1906
A Gothic inspired Native Stone Structure
Built by San Antonio Architect Leo M. Deilmann 

I spent more time photographing this stunning church with its beautiful and scared statuary, stained glass windows, and intricate wood carvings

St Mary's View from Entrance

The Alter

St Anthony of Padua with Infant Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Crucifixion

The Pieta

Across the street in view of the older St Mary's Sanctuary the also marvelous, St Mary's Catholic School

The Stone Carving on the header is a
 Legacy in Words
 from the German Catholic People
 who built this city 
Science Religion Patriotism 
Religion is in the center - as it should be

Another full view of this impressive school

 There is so much to see here in Fredericksburg and we are looking forward to our next visit.

We stopped at The Sunset Grill for some large healthy sandwiches.
Before heading on our way towards Ft. Stockton which was our next stop on our journey,

Sunset Grill has large - delicious & healthy meals